Top 3 YouTube to Mp3 Conversion Sites

There are hundreds of sites available for the conversion of YouTube videos to MP3. As, we all know that we need these sites almost daily, as we need it to download songs and everything.

There are many available on the internet, but you need to make sure that the site which you are using is authentic and it will not damage your computer. There are many viruses, which enters your computer without even you knowing.  So, before you use any website, be sure that there are no viruses attached to it.

So, here are top 3 YouTube to MP3 conversion sites, which you can use without any fear of virus or anything.

  • The first one is the YouTube MP3. It is currently available for all of us, they do not get out of order or anything, you can use it any time of the day. Their top countries are United States, Turkey and Mexico, their services are also available in other countries but these 3 are its top countries. Their monthly traffic is of about 367 million, and that is HUGE.
  • The second one is the Their current status is Live; their services are absolutely free for everyone and they are also known as one of the best conversion websites. Its top countries are India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and United States, though they are currently active in other countries as well. Monthly around 113 million people use their website for YouTube to MP3 download conversion.
  • The third and the last one is the Their monthly traffic is of 85 million and thousands of users use it each day. There are free and you do not need an account to use it, which is the best thing, to learn some other tricks of mp3 downloading please visit

So, these are the top 3 websites, which you can use for YouTube to MP3 conversion.